Teacher Kara and General Chaos

After two weeks here in Nicaragua, I am starting to feel settled in and I am starting to see the work ahead of me. I love every night that I play UNO and… Continue reading

Adams County: Behind the Scenes

My first week has been an eye-opening experience into the behind-closed-doors of Adams County. We have traversed the county to visit Plainville Farms (turkey processing), Hollabaugh Fruit Farm, Rice Fruit, a work camp,… Continue reading

And you can’t even see the labor camp

Behind the camera taking this picture was a labor camp. You can’t see it, because we decided to take a picture in front of the beautiful landscape, rather than the reminder of a… Continue reading

Hoping for Obama, Learning About Education and Outreach

Jambo! Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you are all doing well. I have been doing very well. I’m always sharing my experience in America and learning more about the Kenyan culture with… Continue reading

To the little boy named Miguel…

On Friday afternoon, after being given the freedom to roam around the city, Emily and I took a stroll near the heart of Leon. While in need of some cool air, we sat… Continue reading

The Angry Environmental Studies Major

Although I’ve only been back in Gettysburg for 4 days, I feel like I’ve learned an incredible amount already.  On our first day (6/8), we took a tour around Gettysburg to learn about… Continue reading


1 week down and I’ve managed to avoid the trifecta of heatstroke, severe sunburn, and dehydration (which is almost a miracle because let me tell you, it is HOT) all while only forgetting… Continue reading

UNO, Volleyball and Sustainable Change

The first few days in Nicaragua have both flown and dragged by, but in many ways, the real journey hasn’t even started yet. I have started to settle in with my host family,… Continue reading

When a Wall Becomes a Window

When you imagine Central America you think of color, vibrancy, excitement and Leon, Nicaragua is no let down. The houses are brightly colored. The decommissioned American school buses outfitted for Central American public… Continue reading

Yoo hoo!!

Hello everyone! My name is Amy Ma. I am from California and am currently a rising sophomore at Gettysburg College studying Health Science. It’s been about a week since Augie and I have arrived in… Continue reading