Nonviolence Training

I spent a week in Colorado being trained as a nonviolent instructor. The first few days we spent time learning about the various principles and steps of nonviolence. Six Principles of Nonviolence Nonviolence… Continue reading

Confessions of a Black Diva

How many kids do you have?” one of the RATco students asked me, not offensively but out of pure curiosity. “I- er- none!” I struggled to respond, taken aback by the question itself… Continue reading

But Is It Sustainable?

This past week the fellows took a field trip to Lancaster, PA to learn about different ways our food is both grown and distributed. We first visited a live produce auction, where those… Continue reading

Action and Overreaction

It has been a while, but allow me to update you all on the past three weeks. During each of the past three weeks I have continued to work on my project with… Continue reading

The Cavalry Has Arrived!

This week, more interns arrived in Selma to help out with Art Camp. It has been very exciting to meet new people coming from different backgrounds and universities. Most of them have been… Continue reading

“It’s not scary to walk around there. Not like it is here.”

After a deserved short-vacation to Ometepe and Granada this week, I found myself taking a “mochilero shuttle” or backpacker’s shuttle back from Managua to Leon. Of course, no one there assumed I had… Continue reading

One Hell of a Ride

At this point, the fellowship has past its halfway mark, the weeks sliding by quickly. Expectedly, only now do things start to feel like anything at all. There have been no breathtaking moments;… Continue reading

On Education and Binationalism

Summer school has started!! While the internship was designed to give the fellows experience in a variety of fields, each of us were given a primary focus. In the 4th week of the internship, I… Continue reading

What’s My Role Here?

Because I usually watch kids during our Wednesday Circles* meetings, I decided to attend the meeting instead. During these meetings, CPS Fellows sit next to a Circles client and listen to them comprise a… Continue reading

Absence and Presence in Rural Nicaragua

Talolinga is home to 54 Nicaraguan families. The only access to this rural community is via a steep rock incline that a truck can barely traverse. A horse can do it in about… Continue reading