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Action and Overreaction

It has been a while, but allow me to update you all on the past three weeks. During each of the past three weeks I have continued to work on my project with… Continue reading

Where I Stand

On the 11th, Augie and I attended the World Population Event, where it wasn’t that populous, but there were guest speakers who held an important role. They had an emphasis on young women,… Continue reading

Behind that Smile

Now, as we get past half way of our trip, I’ve been thinking about my experience with the people, culture, and environment in Kenya. Given that everyone I meet always asks me “How… Continue reading

Habari! How you doing?

I am currently sitting in a place called Java House which is like a Starbucks and is the place for mzungus to hang out. It’s also a pretty hot and cloudy day. This… Continue reading

In Between the Grooves

I have now completed my third week in Kenya Wowoo! My host family has been kind and welcoming.. Chappatti and Ugali and Kale and Beans is so good. Everyone is so nice and… Continue reading

Expert at Excel for a Week

This week I got my first real taste for what it means to have a desk job. Even though the community conversations and the recycling system that BAMATO have in place work well… Continue reading

Recycling Plastic and Community Conversations

Mzungu! Mzungu! How are you? I am fine.” This phrase, or more accurately song, has been repeated to me without mercy by anyone and everyone who catches a glimpse of me as I… Continue reading

Hoping for Obama, Learning About Education and Outreach

Jambo! Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you are all doing well. I have been doing very well. I’m always sharing my experience in America and learning more about the Kenyan culture with… Continue reading

Yoo hoo!!

Hello everyone! My name is Amy Ma. I am from California and am currently a rising sophomore at Gettysburg College studying Health Science. It’s been about a week since Augie and I have arrived in… Continue reading

The First Week in Kisumu!

After three flights, sixteen hours worth of layovers, and nearly leaving my bag with all of my clothes in Nairobi, I finally made it to Kisumu on May 28th. The drive from the… Continue reading