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Not all fun and games

Summer school came to an end this week, and I would say that it ended far too quickly. I had a tremendous amount of fun working with the high school kids; it was… Continue reading

Bonding Over Trauma

A poetry writing workshop with Work Ready reflecting on past experiences revealed quite a few gems and quite a lot of trauma. The one thing every women in that room had in common:… Continue reading

International dialogue or international change?

On Friday, we met with two Palestinians who work with the Food Resource Bank, specifically addressing food access in Gaza. The details that they shared about both Gaza’s past and present–from the 51-day… Continue reading

A Growing Appreciation

On Tuesday mornings, Nate and I are in the Campus Kitchen–our time is mainly designated to fruit and vegetable processing (blanching and/or freezing produce to make them last longer). After a few Tuesdays… Continue reading

In Their Eyes

I handed a six year old my camera. Perhaps an experiment of art, mostly a desire to see what she’d find. Or perhaps a stupid decision, that might only lead to a pile… Continue reading

Privilege and Opportunity

On a field trip with the Higher Education class to Penn St Mont Alto this past Thursday, we began with a brief introduction during which time we played a game. The students and… Continue reading

“You’ll never get rid of racism”

I led a workshop at Work Ready, a mandatory program for any person receiving cash assistance in the area, on current events and reading the news. Knowing that the conversation could really go… Continue reading

“What do you want to do?”

As a rising senior, I have encountered the question, “What do you want to do after school?” many more times than I care to hear it. I am a part of a generation… Continue reading

But Is It Sustainable?

This past week the fellows took a field trip to Lancaster, PA to learn about different ways our food is both grown and distributed. We first visited a live produce auction, where those… Continue reading

One Hell of a Ride

At this point, the fellowship has past its halfway mark, the weeks sliding by quickly. Expectedly, only now do things start to feel like anything at all. There have been no breathtaking moments;… Continue reading