Until We Meet Again

This week, I was engaged in a lot of cleaning up things. This was my last week in Selma so I had to make sure I wrapped up things properly. Cleaned out the apartment I was living in and restored it to its original state, helped out with cleaning the church and a few houses that needed yard work and cleaning. There was a lot of work to do but it was the last bonding session with the foundation members before I left. We worked as a team so it was not really difficult. It was like “We came, we saw, we conquered” as in conquering hard obstacles and achieving victory together.

Other than that, I got the opportunity to go to Florida! I did not know it was only 3 hours away from Selma. We just made a plan to go to the beach in Destin, Florida a day before and went there the next morning. The weather was perfect and the ocean water was warm. Growing up in a land locked country like Nepal, I had only heard about beaches and had only been to one a few times on my past visit to the U.S. Therefore I always get excited when it comes to beaches. It was really a perfect day. A day at the beach paired with an all you can eat shrimp dinner. What could one ask for more than that?

I also got to visit Montgomery one last time. We all went to a festival called “The 2nd Saturday” which was held near the river. This was my second time attending the festival. Live music, food stalls and an open ground to play some Frisbee. It was really nice to spend time with the members of the foundation. At this point, I call them family. So it was more of a family-bonding trip. There was a firework display in the end of the festival, which was really beautiful.

In the end, it was finally time to leave. I felt really connected to Selma at this point and felt really emotional when I had to say my goodbyes. I promised everyone that I would see them again someday. I really hope that day comes soon because I miss everyone already. On my way to the Airport, I was looking outside the car and was having flashbacks on the things that I did here. I know that from this day onwards, I will be viewing the world differently. I have learned a lot ever since I came here and this experience has been really unique. The people I met have been a really big influence on my trip. Eight weeks ago, they were just random people I met when I came to the internship at first. Now, they are all family to me. I feel surprised that I was able to establish these bonds in such a small period. It has really been special. I know I will be coming back here in future for sure.

Karan Shrestha ’18