Selma Goooodbye!

The week leading up to our departure back home seemed like one drawn out goodbye. After Hairspray when everyone packed up their bags, there was a small group left in Selma to make an extended goodbye. And clean, of course.

Our first couple of days consisted of re-organizing the aftermath of the chaos from Art Camp and the musical. Then we helped volunteers move things so they could start the next chapter of their lives. All the while, it reminded me that I was progressing in my own life chapter of college and being a young adult. As we formed into an assembly line and counted off with our moving partners to lift heavy furniture, I compared our collective small actions to the small, eventual changes that added up to a changed result.

Coming back home was an equally strange welcome back into my old life. A lot of things were the same but I had been given the opportunity to reflect on some very internal things. My appreciation and sensitivity had been heightened and I didn’t want to lose that, but it was so easy to do so when I failed to speak out and share about my self discoveries with others.

In a few days, I’m headed back for Gettysburg and I can only hope I won’t forget who I really am.

Andeulazia Hughes-Murdock ’18