First week of Art Camp finally commenced this week. As I mentioned before, this week’s theme was dinosaur week. The kids were really excited about getting the opportunity to make some dinosaur crafts and engage in adventurous activities relating to it. At the same time, I was anxious to see how the kids would do. At first, I was really nervous on how I will be able to connect with these kids who are all 8-12 years old. I always thought I was really bad with kids and that I wouldn’t be able to communicate with them. This week I proved myself wrong and I really did enjoy hanging out with them.

As each day passed, we all had to prepare for different activities and make sure the kids would have fun while doing it. It was indeed a challenge. We all worked together and were able to give the kids an experience of a lifetime. I truly felt blessed when I was able to experience the smiles and joy of the little children. To me, it felt like this was really going to lift up their spirit that not everything has to go wrong and that they can still have fun and be themselves.

The week ended with a trip to Atlanta for the weekend. It was very exciting for me as this was my first time in Atlanta. I had never been here before but as soon as I got here, I loved it. I met more people and got the opportunity to connect with them. I was able their listen stories and learn more about their backgrounds. There were all so welcoming and I loved talking with them. I also visited various museums here such as the Center for Civil and Human Rights and Dr. King’s house. Even though I was only there for the weekend, I felt like I gained a lot from it. The Center for Civil and Human Rights was pretty interesting as it had artifacts and exhibitions regarding human rights of all over the world. Certain part of it that was dedicated to the Human rights movement led by Dr. King but there was more about the other leaders who led similar campaigns for rights. It really opened my eyes to many things that I never knew about.

I have really been able to takeaway a lot from this trip so far. Especially the bonds I formed with the people that I have met ever since I started this trip. I really love everyone from the foundation that I have been introduced to so far. Ever since I arrived to Selma, everyone has been nothing but nice to me. It really feels like they are family to me already. Being an international student, coming in to foreign land and being able to experience this feeling is a big deal. I am very lucky that I was able to come across this summer trip and meet all these amazing people. The freedom foundation members are truly a loving, caring and supporting community. Everybody is treated as family.

Karan Shrestha ’18