Not all fun and games

Summer school came to an end this week, and I would say that it ended far too quickly. I had a tremendous amount of fun working with the high school kids; it was a wonderful experience, but a short experience. I only worked there two days a week. I think I would have preferred to have been there all 4 days a week in order to develop stronger relationships with the kids. However, during the school year there is an after school program with which I hope to volunteer.

This week, when I was explaining to a friend all the trips I have been on with the summer school, he asked me if it was all fun and games, or if I actually did stuff. Sure, in order for people to show up to voluntary summer school, it has to be kept fun. However, I believe that these trips were very important and were not all just fun and games. As part of the higher education class, we took trips to Mt. St. Mary’s, Penn State Mont Alto, HACC, and Empire Beauty. Many of these kids would potentially be first generation college students. The college and career field trips allowed them to visit schools and find out vital information on going to college that they may not have the time, transportation, or resources to do during the school year. I tried my best to enhance the experience for many students and provide my knowledge as a current college student. I look forward to seeing these students grow throughout the school year as they progress.

Oh and we also went on a pretty cool hike up Pole Steeple.

Nathan Cody ’16