“What do you want to do?”

As a rising senior, I have encountered the question, “What do you want to do after school?” many more times than I care to hear it. I am a part of a generation that has grown up on yolo and living young, and wild, and free; so, hearing this question is scary. However, as I have said before, I applied for this internship because I had a genuine interest in themes regarding immigration, and I had a strong desire to work with immigrants and the Spanish-speaking community in Adams County. As the internship heads toward the homestretch, I cannot help but recognize how the work that I have done has helped turn an interest into a passion. The two areas that I have most enjoyed are the Migrant Education School and ESL classes. These two programs put me in direct contact with people working to adjust to a new environment. More importantly, working in these programs puts me in a position in which I feel as though I can truly make a difference. While the work I am doing is from a social perspective, I have always had an affinity for law, and I think that working as an immigration lawyer could be a real possibility. So, the next time somebody asks me what I want to do after school, I do not have to stare blankly with a confused, goofy look on my face.

Nathan Cody ’16