The Cavalry Has Arrived!

This week, more interns arrived in Selma to help out with Art Camp. It has been very exciting to meet new people coming from different backgrounds and universities. Most of them have been to Selma before for the alternative spring break program and have came back to help out the Freedom Foundation. It was interesting to hear about their experience and at the same time, share mine as well. I came to realize how coming to Selma and working with the Freedom Foundation has influenced a lot of lives. Many people who I’ve met in Selma have moved from their hometowns or have transferred colleges just so they could be close to Selma and could help out with the aims of the Freedom Foundation. Some individuals have been really touched by the events occurring at present within the country that involves prejudice and hate crimes due to racial discrimination and have wanted to contribute towards helping people understand about equality. I, myself, am feeling the same exact way as I am able to witness the commitment and dedication people are willing to make. The environment here is very inspirational and I have felt the same urge to commit to the Freedom Foundation and help in any way I can in the upcoming future as well.

Other than this, the week has been more like going through orientation once again. This time with the other interns that arrived, Andeulazia and I took part in various group activities and discussions that helped us introduce ourselves to one another. Next week is the non-violence training and I am really getting anxious to learn how it will be conducted. I asked around and learned that it will be a very interactive week so I’m really looking forward to it. Learning about solving conflicts with non-violence should be an important lesson in life for me. The world as we know it is filled with violence and this could be a step towards eradicating this to achieve peace. I will be a certified trainer of non-violence after I go through the training next week so I am getting hyped about that.

Karan Shrestha ’18
Selma, Alabama