Action and Overreaction

It has been a while, but allow me to update you all on the past three weeks. During each of the past three weeks I have continued to work on my project with BAMATO, which will expand their record keeping capacity while they expand their business. The past two weekends I have been to the rainforest, which was incredible, and able to see my host mothers’ family farm in the country. Everything has been an incredible new experience but the major theme of the past three weeks that I hear about from Citizen TV every morning before going to work is alcoholism in Kenya.

The banner on Citizen TV reads “Ban on Illicit Brews” and the newscaster flashes to videos of citizens all over the country raiding bars and destroying all of the liquor inside. These broadcasts originally started with stories about how various individuals had either destroyed their successful careers because of liquor, or had died because they drank themselves to death. From those stories people began protesting the illegal liquor that is rampant across Kenya. These liquors are very dangerous because they are often laced with substances that are extremely harmful to the consumer. Through the original stories that aired on Citizen TV, the above mentioned reaction (destroying businesses) has been the standard throughout Kenya. This is unfortunate because these vigilantes are often ruining legitimate business and destroying legal alcohol instead of the deadly illegal version. This has not only destroyed the lives of individual, but has also damaged the revenue and further productions for the legitimate liquor manufacturers.

This reaction has, to my knowledge, not been met with any police intervention. Unfortunately this is not an uncommon reaction because people do not have trust in their corrupt government so they believe they are forced to take these type of matters into their own hands.

Augie Masucci ’17