Habari! How you doing?

I am currently sitting in a place called Java House which is like a Starbucks and is the place for mzungus to hang out. It’s also a pretty hot and cloudy day.

This week marks half way of our lovely journey in Kisumu.

Recently, I’ve started working on a project regarding gender based violence with Atieno. She is also an intern who recently arrived from South Carolina. As you all may know I have been affiliated with the Gender Based Violence project, but we will also be working together to sensitize the community about how and what the procedure is for any person who experiences gender violence. On the 25th, we met with the director of KMET, Monica, to discuss our plans regarding our project. WoWoo! We’ve created a power point presentation, fundraising plan, and our catchy phrase. Heshimu (insert word here) Yangu. In translation that means, Respect my (_____). Now we just have to tell everyone about our project! Are you as excited as I am? Don’t forget to donate anything you can.

Your contribution will help empower and support young girls who experience gender based violence. They will have a safe and stable place to stay as well as counseling, but it requires a bit amount of funds, until they find a sponsor. So please donate what you can and share it with friends and family. Link is here! gofund.me/wkh2tb8 Let’s make it happen!!

On the 27th, Augie and I, along with my two brothers Mike and Marc, went to Kakamega forest. I love hiking, nature, and trees so I was really pumped to go hiking. Like I was really excited to go. Though it was a pretty long journey to the forest, we got two hours of walking next to tall trees, butterflies, and birds. On our way back I came across two people I knew from KMET out of chance. It was magical, given that Kisumu is a large city, seeing those two people made me feel awesome.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer.

Haraka Haraka haina Baraka (Quickness have no blessings)

See you later.

Amy Ma ’18