Progress: Week Two

Week two has been fairly interesting. After going through various museums the past week and learning the history of the Civil Rights Movement, it was very interesting to actually be able to visit the historic sites. I was able to visit the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, which played a very big role in the human rights movement. I was able to learn this history of what had happened here and its importance. I learned that hate groups had bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church in 1963 killing four little African- American girls. There were a series of bombings at the time in Birmingham and the 16th Street Baptist Church was one of them. At the time, Birmingham was given the name “Bombingham”. Learning that all the lives that were lost and suffered were caused only because of skin color really gave me chills down the spine. I began to realize that this problem was something similar what I have witnessed in my home country. I had thought that discrimination between people was strong in my country, Nepal, but here, it’s a whole different story. Back home, it was the problem of higher caste and lower caste in religion that caused people to treat each other as unequal. Here, it is simply skin color.

Other than that, I spent more time in planning the art camp for the kids this week. Most of the planning and finalization for the camp is completed. A two-week art camp for the local kids of Selma that is filled with fun art activities, games and field trips. Andeulazia and I even presented it to the Foundation’s head members and they seemed to like what we planned out. I’m looking forward to how it will turn out overall. I also proposed a little plan for fund raising for the Freedom Foundation, so I’m looking forward to how it will turn out. I really feel like a part of the Foundation after spending time with the members here. Everyday I feel more and more dedicated towards the Foundation and wish to help with its goals. The people I have met so far feel like family already within these two weeks.

All in all, it has been a very productive week. Week three will be in Tuskegee so looking forward to that. A whole set of new adventures are yet to unfold!

Karan Shrestha ’18
Selma, Alabama