In Between the Grooves

I have now completed my third week in Kenya Wowoo!

My host family has been kind and welcoming.. Chappatti and Ugali and Kale and Beans is so good. Everyone is so nice and smily. Augie and I have been working in different departments so we don’t see each other as often.
I also got on a pikipiki that was pink and played reggae music on my way home with a little drizzle from the sky. It was beautiful. I wish I can replay that moment forever.

For me the week has been a lot of walking and riding pikipikis. Which is a good thing.

20150617_104653I was able to go with the TB outreach team to Obunga, Manyatta, and Ogal beach. We handed out flyers and gave a pitch about how to prevent and determine whether one has TB or not. Though, I love talking to strangers and teaching, every time I enter any area people would think or say ‘mzungu’ which means white person, meaning I am rich. They dont mean it in a discriminatory way at all or in a negative perspective. It’s just new to me, being acknowledged as someone of privilege and wealth because of my skin color. I don’t want people to assume the quality of my being and bank account is determined by the tone of my skin. So when I go to communities for outreach purposes I get kinda uncomfortable. However, that feeling disappears quickly when they smile and greet me. Everyone around here loves to smile. I love it.

Movingg on, I also went to visit NYARWEK and MAAYGO, organizations thay advocates for and supports the LGBTIQ community. I was listening to their upbringing as an organization and they faced a lot of challenges and hate within their community. Their struggles includes harassment, vandalism, and inconsistent support from their partnering companies. People can be hypocritical, they can state that they accept the LGBTIQ community, but when one of their family members identify as part of that community, the person turns their back away. Despite the major challenges they face, the staffs are motivated to advocate for the rights of the LGBTIQ community. I was totally uplifted and inspired by their determination to reach the finish line

The president of Kenya, Uhuru recently addressed the issues of gender based violence. Wooo! So, remember to donate
Reach your hand out half way cross the world to the young girls who are survivors of Gender based violence and help support KMET support more survivors. Share the link with everyone and anyone, donate whatever you can. Don’t underestimate what one action, one move can do. You can be the trigger and we can all be part of the movement.
Amy Ma ’18