Selma Goooodbye!

The week leading up to our departure back home seemed like one drawn out goodbye. After Hairspray when everyone packed up their bags, there was a small group left in Selma to make… Continue reading

Until We Meet Again

This week, I was engaged in a lot of cleaning up things. This was my last week in Selma so I had to make sure I wrapped up things properly. Cleaned out the… Continue reading

Slave Reenactment and Hairspray

This week started off rough for me, as I was sick for a couple of days. I could not attend Art Camp much. There was a lot going on for me because I… Continue reading

Being Tracy

This was the last week of the internship program, and it could not have ended better! After spending the week in Atlanta, where the interns were able to visit the National Civil and… Continue reading

Visiting Marion

This week has really kicked the program off! We have a bunch of nonviolence trainings scheduled, and the interns are really excited about them all! We started off Monday with a trip to… Continue reading


First week of Art Camp finally commenced this week. As I mentioned before, this week’s theme was dinosaur week. The kids were really excited about getting the opportunity to make some dinosaur crafts… Continue reading

Selma-spray the Musical 

Even though it’s been a solid 48 hours since we performed the super fun play Hairspray, I still can’t stop singing ‘Without Love,’ which was one of the final scenes where Tracy/Link and… Continue reading

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose

The start of Art Camp Week 1 has been hectic to say the least. Even though nonviolence training consisted of long days and lots of sitting down, it was almost the opposite with… Continue reading

Not all fun and games

Summer school came to an end this week, and I would say that it ended far too quickly. I had a tremendous amount of fun working with the high school kids; it was… Continue reading

The Nonviolence Path

This week, I went through Nonviolence training and learned a lot about a path that I can take which can help solve conflicts without having to resolve to violence. The whole week was… Continue reading